• Counter Strike GO Global Offensive Game Wallpaper 32

          Counter Strike GO

          Pre-Release Notes for 9/09/2016 9 SEP 2016 – The following changes are in the “” CS:GO Beta depot. [Gameplay] – The first-person camera of players, spectators, and demo-viewers is no longer allowed to rise higher than their third-person head. This should prevent first-person players from being able to see from
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        • world-of-warcraft-legion-announc

          World of Warcraft – Legion Expansion

          World of Warcraft: Legion Updated: August 30, 2016. World of Warcraft: Legion is live! The time has come to embark on your quest to the Broken Isles, to seek out and master Artifact weapons of legendary might, and to rally like-minded champions to your cause in your Class Hall. In
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        • Heroes_Of_The_Storm_Pictures10

          Heroes of the Storm

          Heroes of the Storm’s first official ranked season is coming to a close next week! We’ve got a few changes in store for ranked play during Season 2, as well as a host of new rewards that you can earn just by playing ranked games. SEASON ROLL DATES Season 2
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        • Sevarog_1920x1080-1920x1080-1934701082-e1458830718100


          GENERAL CHANGES Pressing “H” in a Replay now toggles the entire HUD. Update to the Jungle minimap to display Harvester timers at the start of a match and will show the purple geyser icon until a team plants a Harvester on that location.​​ Updated the scoreboard to no longer show
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        • test123

          SQUAD – Gamescom

          Hi Squaddies, Vroom vroom! We hope you all have been enjoying V7 and the introduction of Vehicles thus far. Like with any new feature we will be going through heaps of iteration, so expect more expanded functionality and features to the system in order to bring vehicles even closer to
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        • 2013-Grand-Theft-Auto-5-Wallpaper

          Grand Theft Auto 5

          With the dog days of August now firmly in the rear-view and certain distinctly American sporting traditions kicking off in earnest, get into a special Double GTA$ & RP GTA Online Playlist featuring three gridiron-themed Adversary Modes. Also this week in GTA Online, Docktease and Dynasty 8 are going that
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        • elder_scroll_online_wallpaper_by_julien148-d732oun

          Elder Scrolls Online Patch 2.2.8

          Dungeons & Group Content Dungeons Imperial City Prison Flesh Grenades now can be thrown by werewolves, and the werewolf transformation will no longer be removed when getting in proximity of a Flesh Grenade. Public Dungeons Rkindaleft The group event will now correctly take 20 minutes to respawn for anyone with
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        • 36730-star_citizen_wallpaper

          Star Citizen Alpha 2.0.0 OUT NOW!

          Alpha Patch 2.0.0 has been released to our live servers, and is now available for players! Your launcher should should show “2.0.0-305217” as the client version. This patch provides access to our first sampling of the Persistent Universe in the form of the gas giant Crusader and surrounding environs. These
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        • tiger_ii_1920x1080_logo_com

          War thunder Patch 1.55

          Damage of modules and crew during collisions has been improved in some cases. Several fixes for MacOS client. Client stability and optimization has been improved.
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        • 4237962-league-of-legends

          League of Legends – Last update of 2015

          Welcome to patch 5.24, the last one of 2015. It’s been a wild ride with Cinderhulks, Juggernauts and Devourers in-between, but this is no time to get sentimental. It’s still preseason, there are still outliers to balance, systems to maintain and bad jokes to make. Speaking of balance outliers, we’ve
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